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Objekt- & Werkschutz

Property & factory security

Property & factory security with SOPPsec.

We offer you professional and reputable factory and property security. We protect your company around the clock against access by unauthorized persons, burglary, vandalism or theft. Any consequential costs for replacement procurement, production downtimes or other effects can be avoided in this way. With our comprehensive security services, we are at your side both in the risk analysis and in the implementation of risk prevention and protect your company.

Our security services include:

  • gate services

  • access controls

  • reception services

  • service dog stripes

  • Motorized control services

  • patrols

  • locking services

  • construction site surveillance

  • bag checks

  • night guard

  • fire guards

  • hotel security

  • station service

  • Ensuring order in residential areas

event protection

Make your event one with us

unforgettable and safe experience. 

No matter how big your event is - whether it's a concert, large-scale event, shareholders' annual general meeting or discotheque - we are always able to provide you with representative and qualified staff (even at short notice). 

Despite the wide variety of requirement profiles for each event, we always find the best possible solution for you! We support you in the development of an optimal concept, so that the safety of the guests is guaranteed. You can rely on smooth planning, implementation and follow-up as well as professional security personnel.

Our security services include:

  • Vulnerability Risk Analysis

  • entry controls

  • Accreditation and badge management

  • Cloakroom and cash desk service

  • VIP care

  • visitor management

  • night watches

  • personal protection

  • fire safety services

  • Stage and backstage security

  • Chauffeur and shuttle services

  • Hostess service & exhibition services

  • Traffic & Parking Management

  • Personnel and baggage checks including technology

Eventsecurity Rolls Royce_edited.jpg

major sporting events

Security for professional sporting events.

With our long-standing partners, we can provide you with optimal support in securing professional sports events. Despite the high demands that, for example, top football matches entail, our trained team ensures safety for all visitors - before, during and after the big event.

Our security services include:

  • gate services

  • access controls

  • reception services

  • service dog stripes

  • Motorized control services

  • patrols

  • locking services


Personal protection & VIP security

Security for vulnerable people.

We offer you professional and reliable personal protection. Due to the tense economic and political situation and the increasing crime rate or fear of terrorist attacks, there is an increasing need for personal protection.

Our specially trained security guards protect you discreetly and unobtrusively, so that you can live your everyday life without restrictions and move around as freely as possible. Depending on the risk level, we work directly with the responsible authorities to develop an optimal security concept for you.



Host and hostess service from SOPPsec.

Our hostesses have a well-groomed and attractive appearance, are professional and knowledgeable and well trained for your event. On request, we can also provide you with multilingual staff.

  • reception services

  • logistics

  • exhibition services

  • strip searches

  • accreditation

  • inlet selection

  • de-escalation


service dog squadron

Our service dog handlers in action

If required, we offer staff with service dogs for major events or in the area of property and plant security.

Our services include:

  • factory security

  • patrol services


Consulting and conception

Creation of security concepts

Creation of security concepts

Our services include:

  • Creation of security concepts

  • evacuation concepts

  • and much more

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